Have you ever?

Up up up you better run
They’ll be gunning for you

Soon they’ll be gunning for you


But snuff the runner, his talk is cheap
His running pace is quite too weak

And really there’s no place left to
Run, Run

Have you ever?
Well have you ever?

Well have you ever?

Have you ever found yourself back in time?
Reliving things that you shouldn’t, it’s fine
Your head thinks fast

Let your lies lead the way

How must you think that I’ve been dealing these days?
How else do you think that I’ve been dealing these



Still I feel like I need more than here
Some place where glass won’t trap in

Reflected pieces won’t chain me to this ground

Hunting, haunting,

Still haven’t found

But better run

(Oh but still, won't get very far

But better run

- it's part of who you are)


You’re not from here, not too close, still not far

The path you paved is more painful than most
The wounds that make you bleed only inside

This is the (painful) place where you reside
This is the place where

You reside

But still I feel like I need more than here

Some place where glass won’t trap in
Reflected pieces chain me to this ground


B-b-b-better run

B-b-b-better run

B-b-b-better run

Where are you now?

Better, better run



Have You Ever is the last single to be released before my debut album Àchromatics. 

It is about trying to run from your own nature, to escape yourself, only to find the very thing you were trying to avoid waiting for you at the other side. 

It is about realizing that the problems you face are the problems you carry. They make up the struggle which makes you who you are. 

Stop wishing for your cards to magically get better. You will keep tripping on those same issues, that same rock, unless you are able to uncover the causes that lie within you - the behavioral patterns leading you back down that same way.

There is no solution outside of you - there is nothing but you.

Life is a learning opportunity

Look within, question what you think you know. The truths you uncover may help you break this cycle, and liberate you onto the next.

Are you with me?

If not, well then - better run! 


Have You Ever é o último single antes do meu primeiro álbum autoral Àchromatics

É sobre tentar fugir de si mesmo, da sua própria natureza, e acabar dando de cara com as mesmas coisas que você procurava evitar

É sobre perceber que os problemas que você encara são os problemas que você carrega independente de onde for. Esses conflitos são a base do que te faz quem você é. 

Pare de se iludir sonhando que sua sorte mudará. Você vai continuar tropeçando nos mesmos problemas, encontrando aquela mesma pedra, a não ser que identifique as causas dentro de si - os padrões de comportamento que te levam de volta àquele mesmo caminho

Não existe solução fora de você - só existe você.

A vida é um grande aprendizado.

Desafie o que você acha que entende. As verdades que você desvendar podem te ajudar a quebrar esse ciclo e te libertar para encarar o próximo. 

E aí, está dentro?

Se não estiver - corra! 


 COMING SOON     |     vindo Aí

The release of Have You Ever also quickens our pace until the release of my album & my debut show in São Paulo.

Check out new things coming up: 

O lançamento da Have You Ever acelera nosso passo até o lançamento do meu álbum e show de lançamento em São Paulo. 

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