Àchromatics live @Estudio500


The LIVE session at Estudio 500 was recorded 28th of September, 2017.


    Composition: Giovanna Moraes

    Video: Giullia Paulinelli & Team

    Audio: Nando Viera & Team

    Special thanks: Osias dos Santos, 

    Bettina Vaz Guimarães.



Vocals: Giovanna Moraes 

Drums: Renato Lellis

Bass: Lucas Cornetta 

Keys: Andrey Rodrigues 

Guitar: Eduardo Tavares

A view from above

Àchromatics (Live @Estudio500)

The Live Session at Estudio5oo consists of 3 recorded songs with audio and video experience. Dark is the first of the live videos to be released and functions as a sort of the teaser. 

The rest of the videos from this live session are constructed as a meet a greet. A taste of the musical and visual aesthetics for the project and a further look into me and my world. 



I am really excited to present a live recording of my latest single: DARK, recorded at Estudio500. Dark is about letting go. It is about realizing that much of what we hold on to is nothing but the inner workings of our most embedded habits. Although difficult to resist their influence, we are still able to break through and find, amid darkness, something new. I'm not afraid of the dark anymore -- are you?


Have You Ever is the fourth and final single to be released before the arrival of my debut album Àchromatics. It is about our compulsion to try and run from our problems, from ourselves, only to find ourselves there waiting when we arrive on the other side.


Get Your Fix is the last video released from the Àchromatics Live @Estúdio500 session. It is a seductive tune inviting the audience to lean in, listen and participate in the Àchromatical journey. Unpredictable, alluring and sometimes even aggressive, "Get Your Fix" embodies the modern casual dating world driving many out of control.